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Imagery from my time as a Marketing Graphics Artist at Illumix - a premiere mobile game publisher in the AR world.

Key Art FNaF Special Delivery
Illumix Assets Misc-5
Illumix Assets Misc-1
Illumix Assets Misc-10
YouTube Image FNaF
Twitter Image 01
Twitter Image 02
Twitter Image 03
Candy Store FNaF-1
Candy Store FNaF-2
Candy Store FNaF-3
Illumix Assets Misc-1
Box for Mangle
Vday FazBear Hug Me
Vday Bonnie With You Always
Vday Foxy Hooked On You
Vday Springtrap You Are Mine
Vday Bonnie XOXO
Toy Bonnie Library
Illumix Assets Thanksgiving Parody
Illumix Assets Misc-1
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