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Spur of the Moment

Updated: Mar 20

A last minute trip to Yosemite brings both joy and sadness.

For years, I harbored dreams of capturing Yosemite Valley's winter majesty, reminiscent of Ansel Adams. Departing the Bay Area as night unfurled, I sought the moonlit solitude of my beloved park, anticipating the dance of light and shadow before dawn.

The journey twisted with an unexpected detour, prolonging the cold night. Yet, the Valley's untouched serenity under a harsh winter cloak was breathtaking. Trudging through deep snow with my gear, I captured scenes of unparalleled beauty, a testament to perseverance and the ephemeral dance of light across the snow.

A somber note was the breaking of my trusted tripod, a silent witness to adventures across the globe. Despite this, the images captured—a proud testament to enduring beauty and resilience—spoke volumes of the spirit that drives us to freeze nature's majesty, preserving fleeting moments for eternity.

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Mar 25, 2019

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